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Peninsula Fleet Share is designed to allow cities, agencies, and other organizations in San Mateo County to borrow passenger vehicles when they need them and lend their vehicles to other organizations when they’re not being used. 

Lend an unused vehicle or borrow a vehicle to temporarily increase capacity of an existing fleet, offer a special outing for seniors, provide job training transportation, or transport community members to park and recreation programs.

Register Your Organization

Register for Peninsula Fleet Share and gain access to a range of vehicles owned by cities and organizations, available at reasonable rates. You can also advertise your own vehicles and rates, as well as rates for drivers, so others may borrow from your fleet.

We’ll walk you through it and make sure you have all of the information you need to be ready to lend or borrow vehicles.

Free to Register for a
Limited Time!

Registering is free if you respond now. A one-time administrative fee of $75 is required to register, but if you register by June 28, 2013 we’ll waive the fee.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll provide you with the information you need to lend or borrow vehicles —and drivers, if you need them. With easy-to-use agreements and templates, after you find your match on-line, you can negotiate the details of the lending/borrowing arrangement. You’ll also enjoy access to an expanding database of potential partners, program marketing resources, and technical support from San Mateo County Transit District staff, consultants and attorneys.

Questions? Need More Info?

The San Mateo County Transit District sponsors this program for sharing passenger vehicles among cities and organizations in San Mateo County. For more information about participation in Peninsula Fleet Share, feel free to contact us:



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